InComEss - 2nd Press Release

IPF ist einer der Partner im 2020 gestarteten EU-Projekt InComEss, in dem an neuen hoch effizienten Materialien für Energiegewinnung und -speicherung geforscht wird.
In seiner zweiten Pressemitteilung berichtet InComEss über 

Advanced lead-free piezoelectric composite fibres for mechanical harvesting

The InComEss project proposes a new green-and-cost-effective strategy for highly efficient energy harvesting systems, combining new smart advanced polymer-based composite materials and structures into a single/multi-source concept. These systems will include several components, ranging from the generator to the energy storage components. For the generator component, leadfree polymer-based PiezoElectric (PE) composite fibres and thermoplastic-based melt-mixed ThermoElectric (TE) composites will be developed. Volltext Pressemitteilung


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