Authors Jafari, S.H. ; Rana, S.K.
Title Tensile Fracture Morphology/Properties Correlation of High-density/Linear Low-density Polyethylene Blends
Date 31.12.2000
Number 9865
Abstract Morphologically distinct binary polymer blends have been prepared by melt mixing of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and various linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPEs) for the entire range of blend composition under identical processing conditions. The morphology of the tensile fracture surfaces of the parent polymers and their blends are quite intersting and show good correlation with thermal and mechanical properties. The HDPE forms linear and interpenetrating fibrils with large interfibrillar separation, whereas, octene containing LLDPE (OLLDPE) with almost equal number of branching to that of HDPE shows nicely formed twisted fibrils. On the other hand, pentene containing LLDPE (PLLDPE) manifests a straight fibrillar morphology with well defined boundary comprising many thin fibrils with alternative thick and thin regimes and perfection, whilst butene containing LLDPE (BLLDPE) shows thick comparatively smooth and well defined and imperfect boundary of tensile fracture. The blends morphology is quite distinct to that of parent polymers. The physical properties, melting and crystallization behaviour show good correlation to the fineness, twisting and discontinuity of the fibrils.
Publisher Iranian Polymer Journal
Citation Iranian Polymer Journal 9 (2000) 133-142

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