Authors Maier, G. ; Zech, C. ; Voit, B. ; Komber, H.
Title Hyperbranched Polymers with a Degree of Branching of 100%
Date 02.03.2001
Number 9816
Abstract 4-Methoxy-4'-(3 " -N-maleimidopropoxy)benzaldazine has been prepared and used for the synthesis of hyperbranched polymers by 'criss-cross' cycloaddition. In this type of reaction two unsaturated groups, such as the maleic imide groups, are added to the azine function. Hence, the azine behaves as a difunctional system, and therefore 4-Methoxy-4'-(3 " -N-mateimidopropoxy)benzaldazine is an AB(2) monomer, with the maleic imide group being the A-function, and the azine group representing the B-2 part. The nature of this cycloaddition reaction ensures the coupled reaction of the two B-functions of each monomer unit. Consequently, the resulting polymer consists exclusively of branched and terminal repeating units and therefore has a degree of branching of 100%.
Publisher Macromolecular Symposia
Citation Macromolecular Symposia 163 (2001) 75-86
Tags hexafluoroacetone azine polymerization polyesters <3+2>-cycloaddition cycloaddition

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