Authors Gutmann, J.S. ; Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Schubert, D.W. ; Stribeck, N. ; Smilgies, D. ; Stamm, M.
Title Roughness correlations in ultra-thin polymer blends films
Date 31.12.2000
Number 9721
Abstract Ultra-thin films of weakly incompatible polymer blends form smooth films with correlated interfaces upon suitable preparation. With the poly-(styrene-co-para-bromo-styrene) PBr<sub>0.91</sub>S/PBr<sub>0.67</sub>S blend system, of slightly different degrees of bromination, a series of samples with varying composition on top of roughened substrates has been investigated. The surface morphology of the thin films was characterized by microscopy measurements, while with diffuse X-ray scattering the roughness correlation between the interfaces was examined. A lower cut-off length of the replicated roughness spectrum at small dimensions was obtained. Our results show, that the blend composition has a distinct influence on the replicated in-plane lengths.
Publisher Physica / B
Citation Physica / B 283 (2000) 40-44
Tags polymers ultra-thin films roughness correlations scattering 61.10.eq 68.55.-a phase-separation polystyrene topography mixtures

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