Authors De Odorico, W. ; Ladynski, H. ; Stamm, M.
Title Temperature- and Pressure-Induced Microphase Separation Transitions of a Polystyrene-block-Butadiene Copolymer Melt
Scattering from polymers: characterization by x-rays, neutrons and light, P. Cebe, B.S. Hsiao, D.J. Lohse, ed.
Date 19.12.2000
Number 9652
Abstract This book reflects the recent progress made in the field of scattering in polymers. A wide range of scattering studies on different polymer systems, including block copolymers, semicrystalline polymers, complex fluids, multicomponent systems, polymeric surfaces, and polymer processing are included, as well as new experimental techniques and theoretical treatments. This volume provides a comprehensive reference for those researchers who need to know how scattering techniques can be used to tackle different polymer problems, and is ideal for graduate polymer scientists studying scattering techniques. <br /><br />Chapter 29<br />ISBN 0-8412-3644-5
Publisher American Chemical Society
Citation American Chemical Society (2000) 456-469

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