Authors Spange, St. ; Müller, H. ; Pleul, D.Pleul ; Simon, F.
Title Structure formation of poly(furfuryl alcohol)/ silica hybrids
Date 26.03.2001
Number 9447
Abstract Proceedings of the International Conference on Colloid and Surface Science Volume 132<br /><br />Description<br />The purpose of this Conference was to discuss the results of recent developments and the future prospect in science and technology of the field. The field has been growing and flourishing, while indicating many problems to be uncovered and solved. The conference was structured to encourage interaction and to stimulate the exchange of ideas to accomplish the above purpose. <br />Key issues and materials related to the Conference were included as follows:<br />• Molecular Assemblies in Solutions;<br />• Fine Particles and Colloidal Dispersions;<br />• Supramolecular Organized Films;<br />• Nanostructural Solid Surfaces;<br />• Industrial Applications and Products. <br />The Conference comprised 2 plenary lectures, 42 invited lectures, 150 oral presentations and 266 poster presentations.
Publisher Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis
Citation Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 132 (2001) 301-306

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