Authors Dutschk, V. ; Mäder, E. ; Rudoy, V.
Title Determination of polarity parameters for glass fibres by inverse gas chromatography: Some results and remarks
Date 14.11.2001
Number 9152
Abstract Glass fibres of various surface properties (sized and unsized ones) have been investigated in this work by means of inverse gas chromatography (IGC) at infinite dilution conditions in the 30-100°C temperature range. The conclusion is made that the IGC method is too sensitive to give an unambiguous description of the complex character of heterogeneous glass fibres. Possible reasons are discussed with a critical consideration of our own results and the corresponding literature data. The polarity parameters have been calculated by means of various theoretical approaches. It was found that the polarity parameters based on topological indices, according to Brendlé and Papirer, were able to describe more correctly the Lewis acid-base surface characteristics than previous approaches.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Citation Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 15 (2001) 1373-1389

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