Authors Mäder, E. ; Zhou, X.-F. ; Pisanova, E. ; Zhandarov, S. ; Nutt, S.R.
Title Characterization of the interfacial bond strength between glass fibre and epoxy resin using the pull-out and push-out techniques
Date 01.09.2000
Number 9094
Abstract Interfacial bond strength between epoxy resin and glass fibre was studied using the pull-out and push-out techniques. For untreated fibres, these micromechanical tests gave similar values of the local interfacial shear strength and critical energy release rate. In the case of fibres treated by g-APS, both tests showed considerable increase in the bond strength. However, for the modified fibres, the pull-out test gave greater values of both interfacial parameters than the push-out test, a result attributed to the different modes of interfacial loading. The different loading patterns also cause different failure mechanisms in these two tests.
Publisher Advanced Composites Letters
Citation Advanced Composites Letters 9 (2000) 2203-2209

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