Authors Thünemann, A.F. ; Schnöller, U. ; Nuyken, O. ; Voit, B.
Title Diazosulfonate Polymer Complexes: Structure and Wettability
Date 01.09.2000
Abstract Polymeric complexes were prepared by using acrylate based copolymers, which contained20, 30, 50, and 100 mol % diazosulfonate groups and a commercially available fluorinated surfactant(Fluorad FC135). The glass transition temperatures of the complexes were determined to be 71 &#177; 3 <IMG SRC="/images/entities/deg.gif">C,this was independent of the amount of diazogroups. All these complexes are stable up to temperaturesof about 200 <IMG SRC="/images/entities/deg.gif">C. As determined by wide- and small-angle X-ray diffraction, the solid states of the complexesin the bulk material were determined to be smectic A-like structures with long periods of 3.8-4.4 nm.Ultrathin films with thicknesses in the range 4-40 nm were prepared by spin coating. The wettingbehavior of the films was found to be independent of their thickness. As determined by automatic dropshape analysis of the contact angle measurements, the surface energies of complex films were in therange 10-14 mN/m.
Journal Macromolecules 33 (2000) 5665-5671

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