Authors Petzold, G. ; Berwald, S. ; Buchhammer, H.-M.
Title The influence of shear forces on clay modification with oppositely charged polyelectrolytes
Date 26.07.2000
Number 8928
Abstract The interaction between the oppositely charged polymers poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride) (PDADMAC) and poly(maleic acid-<I>co</I>-styrene) in the presence of clay can be used for strong surface modification. Different methods were applied for characterizing each step of the reaction and the properties of the modified material. By characterizing the formation of the pure polyelectrolyte complex in solution as well as the three component system (two polyelectrolytes in presence of clay) with polyelectrolyte titration and comparing these results with the total carbon content, it was shown that a significant quantity of a soluble, positively charged polyelectrolyte complex is formed in the system. The strong cationic surface charge is obtained by precipitation of this complex on clay. It was found that the conditions of reaction (type of stirrer, time) strongly influence the particle properties like particle size and adsorption behavior/surface charge. The higher surface charge and the greater diameter of particles was obtained with an anchor stirrer, whereas the formation of larger particles and the precipitation of the complex is prevented by the stronger shear forces of the leaf stirrer.
Publisher Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Citation Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 279 (2000) 10-18

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