Authors Mahltig, B. ; Gohy, J.F. ; Jérome, R. ; Bellmann, C. ; Stamm, M.
Title Adsorption of block polyampholyte micelles monolayers at the silicon/water interface
Date 05.07.2000
Number 8908
Abstract The adsorption of the diblock polyampholyte poly (methacrylic acid)-block-poly((dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) from aqueous solution on silicon substrates was investigated as a function of polymer concentration and pH. Dynamic light scattering and electrokinetic measurements were used to characterize the polyampholyte in solution. The amount of polymer adsorbed was determined by ellipsometry and lateral structures of the polymer layer were investigated by scanning force microscopy. The amount of polymer adsorbed was found to be strongly influenced by the pH of the polymer solution, while the size of the polyampholyte micelles adsorbed on the surface was hardly affected by pH during adsorption. From investigations by scanning force microscopy well-seperated micelles were seen in the dried monolayers adsorbed directly from solution. The structures at the surface are correlated to structures in solution, and the adsorbed amount depends on the relative charge of the micelles and the surface.
Publisher Colloid and Polymer Science
Citation Colloid and Polymer Science 278 (2000) 502-508
Tags polyampholytes ellipsometry force microscopy adsorption micelles ampholytic diblock copolymers dilute aqueous-solution solid/liquid interface polystyrene latex polyelectrolyte adsorption neutral polyampholyte charged surfaces light-scattering liquid inter

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