Authors Pisanova, E. ; Zhandarov, S. ; Mäder, E.
Title How can adhesion be determined from micromechanical tests?
Date 28.11.2001
Number 8765
Abstract The concept of adhesional pressure was proposed to characterise the interfacial bond strength in fibre&#x2013;matrix systems. The adhesional pressure is the interfacial normal stress produced by the molecular interaction between the fibre surface and the matrix. Using the variational mechanics approach, we calculated the critical normal stress, at which debonding starts in the pull-out and microbond tests. This critical value can be used as a failure criterion. The relationship between &#34;fundamental&#34; (<i>W</i><sub>A</sub>) and &#34;practical&#34; (adhesional pressure) adhesion was investigated. The adhesional pressure appeared to linearly depend on the work of adhesion from the IGC data. This allows to estimate <i>W</i><sub>A</sub> from destructive micromechanical tests. An important advantage of the proposed approach is that it can characterise adhesion for real conditions of the composite formation, including irreversible adhesion.
Publisher Composites / Part A
Citation Composites / Part A 32 (2001) 425-434

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