Authors Pisanova, E. ; Zhandarov, S. ; Mäder, E. ; Young, R. J. ; Ahmad, I.
Title Three techniques of interfacial bond strength estimation from direct observation of crack initiation and propagation in polymer-fibre systems
Date 28.11.2001
Number 8764
Abstract Three techniques of bond strength determination in micromechanical tests&#x2014;fibre strain profile analysis by means of Raman spectroscopy, &#34;kink&#34; force determination in a traditional pull-out test, and crack length monitoring in a microbond test&#x2014;were used for investigation of interfacial debonding in epoxy&#x2013;glass fibre and epoxy&#x2013;aramid fibre systems. Crack propagation was characterised by local interfacial parameters&#x2014;critical energy release rate,<i>G</i><sub>ic</sub>, and ultimate interfacial shear strength (IFSS), <i>&#x3c4;</i><sub>ult</sub>. The comparison of the results showed good agreement both between different techniques and between stress-based and energy-based failure criteria. Sizing of glass fibres caused more pronounced variations in the IFSS than for aramid fibres due to different interfacial failure patterns. The strength of &#34;real&#34; epoxy&#x2013;glass composites with sized and unsized fibres correlates well <br />with the bond strength determined from the micromechanical tests.
Publisher Composites / Part A
Citation Composites / Part A 32 (2001) 435-443

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