Authors Mäder, E. ; Gao, S.-L. ; Kim, J.-K.
Title Interface Controlled Materials<br />New Nano-Scale Characterization Techniques for Interphases
Date 01.09.2000
Abstract A common feature of advanced functional materials - such as thin films, layered structures and all kinds of nanoscale materials (ultrafine powders, polycrystals, nanocomposites, nanoporous or nanotubular materials) - is that their properties are mainly influenced by the structure and composition of their surfaces and interfaces.<br />This book discusses the processing, fabrication, structure, properties and applications of such interface-controlled materials, highlighting the problem of determining the structure and properties of these advanced materials by different techniques. <br /><br />Part III: Structures and Compositions of Interfaces, Chapter 38<br />The aim of this work as a part of a framework programme for the investigation of structure-property relations in polymer matrix composites is the local characterization of interphase properties in composites comparing different techniques. The topic of this paper is to report first experimental results on the still remaining key question about the nature and extent of interphase zones. Since the bond strength is controlled by the matrix material adjacent to the fibre, i.e. the fibre-matrix interphase region, the local material data are needed to improve the models for the prediction of composites performance. The experimental work has been focused on epoxy resin/glass fibre model composites. <br /><br />ISBN 3-527-30191-7
Journal Wiley-VCH (2000) 237-242

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