Authors Weis, I. ; Welzel, P. ; Bähr, G. ; Schwarz, G.
Title Equations of state for POPX lipids at the air/water interface. A comprehensive study
Date 01.09.2000
Abstract We have investigated monomolecular fluid-like films of palmitoyl oleoylphosphatidyl lipids with choline, glycerol and serine head groups, respectively. Conventional Langmuir trough experiments have been evaluated towards a thermodynamic analysis applying a novel approach that was recently developed in this laboratory. Our work involves elaborate efforts to exclude possible error sources of the basic measuring parameters. By means of pertinent mass conservation plots it could then be shown that the present lipids form a practically insoluble monolayer. Relative deviations of the lateral pressure from its ideal (gaseous) value are seen to be a very pronounced linear function of the surface concentration (between 1 and about 35 mN/m). They reveal a clearly manifested Boyle point around 4 mN/m, indicating formation of aggregates in the very low pressure range. The results are discussed in terms of a rather simple quantitative formulation of the underlying equation of state including fit curves of the related partial molecular area and Gibbs free energy.
Journal Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 105 (2000) 1-8

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