Authors Pisanova, E. ; Zhandarov, S.
Title Reversible and irreversible adhesion of polymers: Possibilities for measurement and calculation
Date 28.11.2001
Number 8288
Abstract Comparative analysis of existing direct and indirect techniques for estimation of the work of adhesion (W[A]) between a polymer and a solid surface inverse gas chromatography (IGC), wetting, direct adhesion forces measurement - has been carried out. The work of adhesion was calculated from experimental data obtained using different techniques for identical polymer/solid systems. The relationship between the work of adhesion and the bond strength was analyzed, including possible W[A] estimations from destructive micromechanical tests. For non-polar polymers, whose adhesion is due to dispersion interaction only, all techniques arc in good agreement with each other. However, the estimates of work of adhesion obtained by different techniques considerably differ for polar polymers. The reason for this obviously consists in deficiency of theoretical knowledge about non-dispersion interactions at interfaces. Each of the considered approaches has its own advantages and shortcomings The problems concerning the estimation of non-dispersion component of the work of adhesion can be solved only by comprehensive use of several different techniques.
Publisher Journal of Adhesion
Citation Journal of Adhesion 75 (2001) 89-127

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