Authors Mäder, E. ; Pisanova, E.
Title Characterization and Design of Interphases in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene
Date 01.09.2000
Number 8214
Abstract Bond strength between reinforcing fibers and polymer matrices can be controlled in two ways: 1) by intensification of molecular interaction at the interface and 2) by creation of a strong transition layer (interphase) between the components. In this paper, we consider the possibilities of controlling interfacial strength by means of target-oriented variation of structure, thickness and strength of the interphase artificially created between the glass fiber and the polypropylene matrix. The bond strength was measured using a continuously monitored microbond test, including recording the crack length as a function of the load applied. The measured interfacial strengths correlated to the macromechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. The interphase design provided simultaneous increase in the tensile strength and the impact toughness of the composites.
Publisher Polymer Composites
Citation Polymer Composites 21 (2000) 361-368

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