Authors Schneider, K. ; Lauke, B. ; Beckert, W.
Title Compression Shear Test (CST) - A Convenient Apparatus for the Estimation of Apparent Shear Strength of Composite Materials
Date 13.03.2001
Number 6425
Abstract A convenient apparatus for the determination of apparent shear strength of flat as well as curved composite materials and adhesive joints, the compression shear device (CSD), is described in detail. Compared with other commonly used tests the sample preparation is very easy, inexpensive, and consumes less material. The obtained values of apparent shear strength for different classes of materials are comparable with values determined by established tests. Using an additional extensometer, the estimation of shear strain and shear modulus is also possible with the proposed equipment.
Publisher Applied Composite Materials
Citation Applied Composite Materials 8 (2001) 43-62

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