Authors Franzheim, O. ; Rische, T. ; Stephan, M. ; MacKnight, W.J.
Title Blending of Immiscible Polymers in a Mixing Zone of a Twin Screw Extruder - Effects of Compatibilization
Date 11.05.2000
Number 6406
Abstract The dependence of the morphology development of physical as well as of reactive compatibilized polypropylene/polyamide 6 (PP/PA6) blends in a mixing zone of a co-rotating twin screw extruder on blend composition and screw rotational speed was investigated. A special process analytical set-up based on a co-rotating twin screw extruder was used, which allowed melt sampling from different positions along the operating extruder in time periods less than 10 seconds. It has been shown that the disperse particle sizes in physical blends depend crucially on the blend composition because of the increasing influence of coalescence with an increasing concentration of the disperse phase. Furthermore, the morphology of physical PP/PA6 blends depends strongly on their rheological properties. In contrast, the influence of the screw rotational speed on the morphology is minor. The resulting particle size in a mixing zone is achieved already after a short screw length. The particle size of compatibilized blends is significantly smaller than in physical blends because of the better conditions for drop break-up and the suppression of coalescence effects. Due to this, compatibilization has a stronger influence on the blend morphology than a variation of process or rheological conditions with physical blends. Furthermore, the compatibilization leads to a concurrent crystallization of the PA6 phase with the PP phase.
Publisher Polymer Engineering and Science
Citation Polymer Engineering and Science 40 (2000) 1143-1156

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