Authors Abdoli, I.; Wittmann, R.; Brader, J.M.; Sommer, J.-U.; Löwen, H.; Sharma, A.
Title Tunable Brownian magneto heat pump
Date 04.08.2022
Number 0
Abstract We propose a mesoscopic Brownian magneto heat pump made of a single charged Brownian particle that is steered by an external magnetic field. The particle is subjected to two thermal noises from two different heat sources. When confined, the particle performs gyrating motion around a potential energy minimum. We show that such a magneto-gyrator can be operated as both a heat engine and a refrigerator. The maximum power delivered by the engine and the performance of the refrigerator, namely the rate of heat transferred per unit external work, can be tuned and optimised by the applied magnetic field. Further tunability of the key properties of the engine, such as the direction of gyration and the torque exerted by the engine on the confining potential, is obtained by varying the strength and direction of the applied magnetic field. In principle, our predictions can be tested by experiments with colloidal particles and complex plasmas.
Publisher Scientific Reports
Citation Scientific Reports 12 (2022) Article number: 13405

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