Authors Rajabasadi, F. ; Moreno, S. ; Fichna, K. ; Aziz, A. ; Appelhans, D. ; Schmidt, O. G. ; Medina-Sánchez, M.
Title Multifunctional 4D-printed sperm-hybrid microcarriers for assisted reproduction
Date 15.12.2022
Number 60931
Abstract Remotely controllable microrobots are appealing for various biomedical in vivo applications. In particular, in recent years, our group has focused on developing sperm-microcarriers to assist sperm cells with motion deficiencies or low sperm count (two of the most prominent male infertility problems) to reach the oocyte toward in-vivo-assisted fertilization. Different sperm carriers, considering their motion in realistic media and confined environments, have been optimized. However, the already-reported sperm carriers have been mainly designed to transport single sperm cell, with limited functionality. Thus, to take a step forward, here, the development of a 4D-printed multifunctional microcarrier containing soft and smart materials is reported. These microcarriers can not only transport and deliver multiple motile sperm cells, but also release heparin and mediate local enzymatic reactions by hyaluronidase-loaded polymersomes (HYAL-Psomes). These multifunctional facets enable in situ sperm capacitation/hyperactivation, and the local degradation of the cumulus complex that surrounds the oocyte, both to facilitate the sperm–oocyte interaction for the ultimate goal of in vivo assisted fertilization.
Publisher Advanced Materials
Citation Advanced Materials 34 (2022) 2204257

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