Authors Lang, M. ; Müller, T.
Title On the reference size of chains in a network and the shear modulus of unentangled networks made of real chains
Date 20.09.2022
Number 60822
Abstract We show by computer simulations that a melt of pairwise connected star polymers provides an approximation for the reference conformations of real polymer chains in a network. Reference conformations are needed to normalize the experimental data related to the chain size (multiple quantum NMR, scattering, polarization, etc.) or data from advanced tools for measuring the phantom modulus in simulations. The latter allows then to separate the contributions of the correlation hole and finite extensibility (FE) from other contributions to the phantom modulus. Shear simulation data of the networks with entanglements switched off serve as a test of these approaches and as a critical test for the reference conformations. A comparison of the different measurements shows that for analyzing the simulation data by the advanced tools, the correlation hole corrections outnumber the corrections of FE or the combined effect of loops, network defects, and excess strain for tightly cross-linked entanglement free-model networks.
Publisher Macromolecules
Citation Macromolecules 55 (2022) 8950-8959

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