Authors Lu, B. ; Han, X. ; Zou, D. ; Luo, X. ; Liu, L. ; Wang, J. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Yang, P. ; Huang, N. ; Zhao, A.S.
Title Catechol-chitosan/polyacrylamide hydrogel wound dressing for regulating local inflammation
Date 02.09.2022
Number 60705
Abstract Chronic wounds and the accompanying inflammation are ongoing challenges in clinical treatment. They are usually accompanied by low pH and high oxidative stress environments, limiting cell growth and proliferation. Ordinary medical gauze has limited therapeutic effects on chronic wounds, and there is active research to develop new wound dressings. The chitosan hydrogel could be widely used in biomedical science with great biocompatibility, but the low mechanical properties limit its development. This work uses polyacrylamide to prepare double-network (DN) hydrogels based on bioadhesive catechol-chitosan hydrogels. Cystamine and N, N´-Bis(acryloyl)cystamine, which can be cross-linking agents with disulfide bonds to prepare redox-responsive DN hydrogels and pH-responsive nanoparticles (NPs) prepared by acetalized cyclodextrin (ACD) are used to intelligently release drugs against chronic inflammation microenvironments. The addition of catechol groups and ACD-NPs loaded with the Resolvin E1 (RvE1), promotes cell adhesion and regulates the inflammatory response at the wound site. The preparation of the DN hydrogel in this study can be used to treat and regulate the inflammatory microenvironment of chronic wounds accurately. It provides new ideas for using inflammation resolving factor loaded in DN hydrogel of good biocompatibility with enhanced mechanical properties to intelligent regulate the wound inflammation and promote the wound repaired.
Publisher Materials Today Bio
Citation Materials Today Bio 16 (2022) Article Number: 100392

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