Authors Stengelin, E. ; Thiele, J. ; Seiffert, S.
Title Multiparametric material functionality of microtissue-based in vitro models as alternatives to animal testing
Date 04.05.2022
Abstract With the definition of the 3R principle by Russel and Burch in 1959, the search for an adequate substitute for animal testing has become one of the most important tasks and challenges of this time, not only from an ethical, but also from a scientific, economic, and legal point of view. Microtissue-based in vitro model systems offer a valuable approach to address this issue by accounting for the complexity of natural tissues in a simplified manner. To increase the functionality of these model systems and thus make their use as a substitute for animal testing more likely in the future, the fundamentals need to be continuously improved. Corresponding requirements exist in the development of multifunctional, hydrogel-based materials, whose properties are considered in this review under the aspects of processability, adaptivity, biocompatibility, and stability/degradability.
Journal Advanced Science 9 (2022) 2105319

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