Authors Summa, J. ; Michel, S. ; Kurkowski, M. ; Biermann, D. ; Stommel, M. ; Herrmann, H.-G.
Title Process monitoring of a vibration dampening CFRP drill tube in BTA deep hole drilling using fibre-bragg-grating sensors
Date 01.12.2022
Number 60521
Abstract The large tool length in BTA deep hole drilling often leads to strong torsional vibrations of the tool system, leading to a reduced bore hole quality failures. When substituting steel drill tubes with tubes from composite material, the laminate structure dampens these vibrations. Secondly, the integration of sensors allow to monitor process vibrations. This contribution introduces a new sensor platform to measure process vibrations, feed force and drilling torque using Fibre-Bragg Grating Sensors. The presented experimental results focus on characteristic frequency spectra with natural torsional and compression frequencies of the CFRP drill tube, which show variations due to changed feed.
Publisher Procedia CIRP
Citation Procedia CIRP 115 (2022) 119-124

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