Authors Stöckl, N. ; Bittrich, E. ; Top, M.
Title Effect of deposition temperature on the residual stress of sputtered zinc-tin-oxide coatings deposited on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates
Date 15.09.2022
Number 60162
Abstract In this paper the generation of stress during the deposition of Zinc-Tin-Oxide coatings by magnetron sputtering on a PET substrate in a roll-to-roll web coater is investigated in detail. The stress components originating from a mismatch in the thermal (sthermal) and hygroscopic (shygroscopic) expansion coefficient, deformation due to the applied web tension (sweb tension) and intrinsic stress (sintrinsic) are discussed and compared. The substrate temperature is varied between 25 °C and 75 °C. In this temperature range sthermal plays a minor role (<23 %). shygroscopic is the only component resulting in tensile stress in the coating and accounts for approximately (30–70) % of the total residual stress. sintrinsic as well as sweb tension led to compressive stress in the coating in a similar order of magnitude of (36–106) %. In conclusion, the total residual stress can be reduced by reduction of the web tension. The results show that an accurate determination of the thermo-mechanic substrate behaviour is necessary before starting the residual stress analysis, as non-reversible thermal shrinkage of the substrate may lead to significant errors in the stress analysis when not properly taken into account.
Publisher Surface & Coatings Technology
Citation Surface & Coatings Technology 445 (2022) 128723

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