Authors Samanta, K. ; Sarkar, S. ; Acuna, S. ; Joseph, J. ; Ahluwalia, B. S. ; Agarwal, K.
Title Blind super-resolution approach for exploiting illumination variety in optical-lattice illumination microscopy
Date 19.08.2021
Number 59651
Abstract Optical-lattice illumination patterns help in pushing high spatial frequency components of the sample into the optical transfer function of a collection microscope. However, exploiting these high-frequency components require precise knowledge of illumination if reconstruction approaches similar to structured illumination microscopy are employed. Here, we present an alternate blind reconstruction approach that can provide super-resolution without the requirement of extra frames. For this, the property of exploiting temporal fluctuations in the sample emissions using “multiple signal classification algorithm” is extended aptly toward using spatial fluctuation of phase-modulated lattice illuminations for super-resolution. The super-resolution ability is shown for sinusoidal and multiperiodic lattice with approximately 3- and 6-fold resolution enhancements, respectively, over the diffraction limit.
Publisher ACS Photonics
Citation ACS Photonics 8 (2021) 2626-2634

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