Authors Tayebi, P. ; Asefnejad, A. ; Khonakdar, H. A.
Title Water-based polyurethane/functionalized chitosan/zinc oxide nanoparticles nanocomposites: physical, mechanical and biocompatibility properties
Date 12.07.2021
Number 59550
Abstract Water-based anionic urethane polymer was synthesized from the reaction of diisocyanate and polycaprolactone. Then chitosan and zinc oxide nanoparticles were added to the urethane pre-polymer as a potent antibacterial agent and a double cross-linking agent. The results of the FTIR test confirmed the synthesis of urethane pre-polymer. The results of physical properties showed that with the addition of chitosan and zinc oxide nanoparticles, water absorption and hydrophobicity of the samples increased. In addition, the results of samples’ water vapor permeability showed that in the presence of chitosan, the permeability decreased compared to the permeability of pure polyurethane, which can be attributed to the cross-links of nanocomposite samples. Biocompatibility tests and antibacterial activity of the samples were also evaluated. Also, the degree of biocompatibility of the samples was analyzed by examining the morphology and growth and proliferation of fibroblast cells. The results showed that the growth and proliferation of fibroblasts in the sample had reasonable values, which could be evidence of noninterference of wound dressings in new tissue formation at the wound site. The results of antibacterial activity showed that wound dressings containing chitosan and zinc oxide had a synergistic effect on antibacterial properties against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
Publisher Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials
Citation Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials 60 (2021) S: 1474-1489

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