Authors Ye, J. ; Aftenieva, O. ; Bayrak, T. ; Jain, A. ; König, T. ; Erbe, A. ; Seidel, R.
Title Complex metal nanostructures with programmable shapes from simple DNA building blocks
Date 17.06.2021
Number 59482
Abstract Advances in DNA nanotechnology allow the design and fabrication of highly complex DNA structures, uisng specific programmable interactions between smaller nucleic acid building blocks. To convey this concept to the fabrication of metallic nanoparticles, an assembly platform is developed based on a few basic DNA structures that can serve as molds. Programming specific interactions between these elements allows the assembly of mold superstructures with a range of different geometries. Subsequent seeded growth of gold within the mold cavities enables the synthesis of complex metal structures including tightly DNA-caged particles, rolling-pin- and dumbbell-shaped particles, as well as T-shaped and loop particles with high continuity. The method further supports the formation of higher-order assemblies of the obtained metal geometries. Based on electrical and optical characterizations, it is expected that the developed platform is a valuable tool for a self-assembly-based fabrication of nanoelectronic and nanooptic devices.
Publisher Advanced Materials
Citation Advanced Materials (2021) early view 2100381

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