Authors Galle, T. ; Spittel, D. ; Weiss, N. ; Volodymyr, S. ; Decker, H. ; Georgi, M. ; Hübner, R. ; Metzkow, N. ; Steinbach, C. ; Schwarz, D. ; Lesnyak, V. ; Eychmüller, A.
Title Simultaneous ligand and cation exchange of colloidal CdSe nanoplatelets toward PbSe nanoplatelets for application in photodetectors
Date 21.06.2021
Number 59398
Abstract Cation exchange emerged as a versatile tool to obtain a variety of nanocrystals not yet available via a direct synthesis. Reduced reaction times and moderate temperatures make the method compatible with anisotropic nanoplatelets (NPLs). However, the subtle thermodynamic and kinetic factors governing the exchange require careful control over the reaction parameters to prevent unwanted restructuring. Here, we capitalize on the research success of CdSe NPLs by transforming them into PbSe NPLs suitable for optoelectronic applications. In a two-phase mixture of hexane/N-methylformamide, the oleate-capped CdSe NPLs simultaneously undergo a ligand exchange to NH4I and a cation exchange reaction to PbSe. Their morphology and crystal structure are well-preserved as evidenced by electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. We demonstrate the successful ligand exchange and associated electronic coupling of individual NPLs by fabricating a simple photodetector via spray-coating on a commercial substrate. Its optoelectronic characterization reveals a fast light response at low operational voltages.
Publisher Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Citation Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (2021) 5214-5220

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