Authors Bartholomay, S. ; Wester, T.T.B. ; Perez-Becker, S. ; Konze, S. ; Hölling, M. ; Spickenheuer, A. ; Peinke, J. ; Nayeri, C.N. ; Paschereit, O.P. ; Oberleithner, K.
Title Pressure based lift Elestimation and its application to feedforward load control employing trailing edge flaps
Date 08.07.2020
Number 58691
Abstract This experimental load control study presents results of an active trailing edge flap feedforward controller for wind turbine applications. The controller input is derived from pressure based lift estimation methods that rely either on a quasi-steady method, based on a three-hole probe, or on an unsteady method that is based on three selected surface pressure ports. Furthermore, a standard feedback controller, based on force balance measurements, is compared to the feedforward control. A Clark-Y airfoil is employed for the wing that is equipped with a trailing edge flap of x/c = 30·% chordwise extension. Inflow disturbances are created by a two-dimensional active grid. The Reynolds number is Re = 290,000 and reduced frequencies of k = 0.07 up to k = 0.32 are analyzed. Within the first part of the paper, the lift estimation methods are compared. The surface pressure based method shows generally more accurate results whereas the three-hole probe estimate overpredicts the lift amplitudes with increasing frequencies. Nonetheless, employing the latter as input to the feedforward controller is more promising as a beneficial phase lead is introduced by this method. A successful load alleviation was achieved up to reduced frequencies of k = 0.192.
Journal Wind Energy Science
Citation Wind Energy Science (2020) 1-39

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