Authors Machalowski, T. ; Wysokowski, M. ; Tsurkan, M. ; et al.,
Title Spider Chitin: An ultrafast microwave-assisted method for chitin isolation from caribena versicolor spider molt cuticle
Date 16.10.2019
Number 57783
Abstract Chitin, as a fundamental polysaccharide in invertebrate skeletons, continues to be actively investigated, especially with respect to new sources and the development of effective methods for its extraction. Recent attention has been focused on marine crustaceans and sponges; however, the potential of spiders (order Araneae) as an alternative source of tubular chitin has been overlooked. In this work, we focused our attention on chitin from up to 12 cm-large Theraphosidae spiders, popularly known as tarantulas or bird-eating spiders. These organisms “lose” large quantities of cuticles during their molting cycle. Here, we present for the first time a highly effective method for the isolation of chitin from Caribena versicolor spider molt cuticle, as well as its identification and characterization using modern analytical methods. We suggest that the tube-like molt cuticle of this spider can serve as a naturally prefabricated and renewable source of tubular chitin with high potential for application in technology and biomedicine
Publisher Molecules
Citation Molecules 24 (2019) 3736

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