Authors Rust, R. ; Kirabali, T. ; Groennert, L. ; Dogancay, B. ; Limasale, Y. D. P. ; Meinhardt, A. ; Werner, C. ; Lavina, B. ; Kulic, L. ; Nitsch, R.M. ; Tackenberg, C. ; Schwab, M.
Title A practical guide to the automated analysis of vascular growth, maturation and injury in the brain
Date 23.03.2020
Abstract The distinct organization of the brain’s vasculature ensures the adequate deliveryof oxygen and nutrients during development and adulthood. Acute and chronicpathological changes of the vascular system have been implicated in many neurologicaldisorders including stroke and dementia. Here, we describe a fast, automatedmethod that allows the highly reproducible, quantitative assessment of distinct vascularparameters and their changes based on the open source software Fiji (ImageJ). Inparticular, we developed a practical guide to reliably measure aspects of growth,repair and maturation of the brain’s vasculature during development and neurovasculardisease in mice and humans. The script can be used to assess the effects of differentexternal factors including pharmacological treatments or disease states. Moreover, theprocedure is expandable to blood vessels of other organs and vascularin vitromodels.
Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience 14 (2020) 244

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