Authors Kühn, S. ; Sievers, J. ; Stoppa, A. ; Träber, N. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Welzel, P. ; Werner, C.
Title Cell-instructive multiphasic gel-in-gel materials
Date 03.03.2020
Abstract Developing tissue is typically soft, highly hydrated, dynamic, and increasingly heterogeneous matter. Recapitulating such characteristics in engineered cell–instructive materials holds the promise of maximizing the options to direct tissue formation. Accordingly, progress in the design of multiphasic hydrogel materials is expected to expand the therapeutic capabilities of tissue engineering approaches and the relevance of human 3D in vitro tissue and disease models. Recently pioneered methodologies allow for the creation of multiphasic hydrogel systems suitable to template and guide the dynamic formation of tissue– and organ–specific structures across scales, in vitro and in vivo. The related approaches include the assembly of distinct gel phases, the embedding of gels in other gel materials and the patterning of preformed gel materials. Herein, the capabilities and limitations of the respective methods are summarized and discussed and their potential is highlighted with some selected examples of the recent literature. As the modularity of the related methodologies facilitates combinatorial and individualized solutions, it is envisioned that multiphasic gel–in–gel materials will become a versatile morphogenetic toolbox expanding the scope and the power of bioengineering technologies.
Journal Advanced Functional Materials 30 (2020) 1908857

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