Authors Cordeiro, A. L. ; Rückel, M. ; Bartels, F. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Renner, L. ; Werner, C.
Title Protein adsorption dynamics to polymer surfaces revisited—A multisystems approach
Date 11.10.2019
Number 57181
Abstract Performance and safety of materials in contact with living matter are determined by sequential and competitive protein adsorption. However, cause and consequences of these processes remain hard to be generalized and predicted. In a new attempt to address that challenge, the authors compared and analyzed the protein adsorption and displacement on various thoroughly characterized polymer substrates using a combination of surface-sensitive techniques. A multiple linear regression approach was applied to model the dependence of protein adsorption, desorption, and exchange dynamics on protein and surface characteristics. While the analysis confirmed that protein properties primarily govern the observed adsorption and retention phenomena and hydrophobicity as well as surface charge are the most relevant polymer surface properties, the authors have identified several protein-surface combinations that deviate from these patterns and deserve further investigation.
Publisher Biointerphases
Citation Biointerphases 14 (2019) 051005

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