Authors Gast, F.-U. ; Baudisch, F. ; Bohatzsch, T. ; Wegener, T. ; Zimmermann, R.
Title Mischen von Tröpfchen im Flug zum ortsaufgelösten 3D-Druck von Hydrogelen
Date 11.10.2019
Number 57112
Abstract Piezoelectric dispensers are widely used for microarrays. We have developed a “twin pipette” head to mix two droplets of reactive polymer solutions in flight and on the target. Two dispensers can pivot to either a straight (for sample uptake, washing) or an inclined position (for dispensing). We show how two precursor solutions, with or without cells, crosslink immediately after printing, allowing for complex 3D cell cultures in spatially graded hydrogels with structure sizes = 50 µm.
Publisher BIOspektrum
Citation BIOspektrum 25 (2019) 650-651

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