Authors Ccorahua, R. ; Moreno, S. ; Gumz, H. ; Sahre, K. ; Voit, B. ; Appelhans, D.
Title Reconstitution properties of biologically active polymersomes after cryogenic freezing and a freeze-drying process
Date 23.07.2018
Number 55583
Abstract Reconstitution of biologically active polymersomes from the frozen or solid state into any fluid state is still a challenging issue for the design of new biological experiments and for the formulation of therapeutic agents. To gain knowledge about the reconstitution of pH-responsive and photo-crosslinked polymersomes, surface-functionalized and enzyme-containing polymersomers were cryogenically frozen (-20 °C) or freeze-dried with inulin as the lyoprotectant (0.1% w/v) and stored for a defined time period. Reconstituting those polymersomes in solution by thawing or a re-dispersing process revealed their original physical properties as well as their function as a pH-switchable enzymatic nanoreactor.
Publisher RSC Advances
Wikidata Q62570837
Citation RSC Advances 8 (2018) 25436-25443
Tags responsive polymersomes drug-delivery vesicles nanoreactors cells ph nanopolymersomes temperature relaxivity nanotubes

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