Authors Yadegari, A. ; Morshedian, J. ; Khonakdar, H. A. ; Wagenknecht, U.
Title Cavitation in irradiated and oriented high-density polyethylene cast films with stacked lamellar morphology
Date 02.01.2018
Number 54423
Abstract Cavitation (void formation) in high-density polyethylene cast films, having a stacked lamellar morphology, subsequent to tensile stretching of both nonirradiated and irradiated films was investigated. With nonirradiated films, the cavitation was not observed in the nonannealed films with lower draw ratios, while a limited number of voids was detected in the films of higher draw ratios. Annealing caused an intensive cavitation, and uniform distribution of cavities was noticed in highly oriented films. It was shown that cross-linking exerted a suppressive influence on cavitation in the annealed and oriented films; and with increasing the irradiation dose, the cavitation was completely eliminated.
Publisher Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering
Citation Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 57 (2018) 485-491

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