Authors Popescu, L. ; Piticescu, R. M. ; Appelhans, D. ; Schöneich, M. ; Meyer, M. ; Burlacu, A. ; Preda, B. ; Schinteie, G. ; Kuncser, V. ; Vasile, E.
Title High pressure hydrothermal procedure: A tool for surface modification of superparamagnetic nanostructured materials for medical applications
Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Interfaces : Towards Advanced Functional Materials, Delville, MH; Taubert, A, ed.
Date 15.08.2017
Number 53616
Abstract Hybrid organic-inorganic materials and the rational design of their interfaces open up the access to a wide spectrum of functionalities not achievable with traditional concepts of materials science. This innovative class of materials has a major impact in many application domains such as optics, electronics, mechanics, energy storage, and conversion, protective coatings, catalysis, sensing, and nanomedicine. The properties of these materials do not only depend on the chemical structure, and the mutual interaction between their nano-scale building blocks, but are also strongly influenced by the interfaces they share. PART II. THE INTERFACE OF HYBRID MATERIALS IN BIOAPPLICATIONS<br /><br />Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Interfaces : Towards Advanced Functional Materials<br />ISBN 978-3-527-34255-6
Publisher Wiley-VCH
Citation Wiley-VCH (2017) 695-727

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