Authors Ilnytskyi, J. ; Slyusachuk, A. ; Grenzer, M.
Title Photo-controllable percolation of decorated nanoparticles in a nanopore: molecular dynamics simulation study
Date 10.06.2016
Number 52454
Abstract By means of molecular dynamics simulations we study formation of the wall-to-wall percolation cluster in the solution of decorated nanoparticles in a pore. The model takes into account photo-switching between unpolar trans and polar cis-isomers of azobenzene. This leads to either colloidal dispersion of the particles or their aggregation in a polar solvent. The dynamics of percolation cluster formation is analysed by applying a pulse-like illumination. We found that the wall-to-wall percolation is subject to the competition between nanoparticles aggregation, wall adsorption and microphase separation of the nanoparticles.
Publisher Mathematical Modeling and Computing
Citation Mathematical Modeling and Computing 3 (2016) 33-42
Tags gold nanoparticles azobenzene percolation

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