Authors Toshchevikov, V. ; Ilnytskyi, J. ; Grenzer, M.
Title Photoisomerization kinetics and mechanical stress in azobenzene-containing materials
Date 17.02.2017
Number 51005
Abstract Kinetics of photoisomerization and time evolution of ordering in azobenzene-containing materials are studied theoretically and by using computer simulations. Starting from kinetic equations of photoisomerization, we show that the influence of light is equivalent to the action of the effective potential, which reorients chromophores perpendicularly to polarization direction. The strength of the potential is defined by optical and viscous characteristics of the material. The potential generates photomechanical stress of giant values ~GPa, in accordance with recent experimental findings for azobenzene materials deep in a glassy state. The proposed approach has a great predictive strength for deeper understanding and further development of the photocontrollable smart compounds.
Publisher Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Citation Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (2017) 1094-1098

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