Authors Grenzer, M. ; Guskova, O. ; Toshchevikov, V. ; Ivaneiko, D.
Title Field controllable polymer hybrids in action
Date 13.07.2016
Number 50767
Abstract Researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden are working to advance knowledge regarding the development of field controllable polymer hybrids with new and improved characteristics. Their findings will enable the production of new materials with diverse practical applications.<br /><br />FIELD CONTROLLABLE POLYMER hybrids are multicomponent materials made up of a polymer matrix with organic or inorganic additives. The polymer component, as German chemist Hermann Staudinger understood back in 1920, is represented by giant chain-like macromolecules built from repeating chemical units bonded together. Polymers boast a wide range of mechanical and physical properties, but as such lack sensitivity to external electric, magnetic and light fields. This can be outsmarted in polymer hybrids by incorporating light-sensitive moieties or iron particles in otherwise non-conductive and non-magnetic polymers. The resulting polymer hybrids show a strong response to external fields and can be controlled by the latter.
Publisher International Innovation
Citation International Innovation 200 (2016) 58-60

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