Authors Wieduwild, R. ; Krishnan, S. ; Chwalek, K. ; Boden , A. ; Nowak, M. ; Drechsel, D. ; Werner, C. ; Zhang, Y.
Title Noncovalent hydrogel beads as microcarriers for cell culture
Date 23.03.2015
Abstract Hydrogel beads as microcarriers could have many applications in biotechnology. However, bead formation by noncovalent cross-linking to achieve high cell compatibility by avoiding chemical reactions remains challenging because of rapid gelation rates and/or low stability. Here we report the preparation of homogeneous, tunable, and robust hydrogel beads from peptide–polyethylene glycol conjugates and oligosaccharides under mild, cell-compatible conditions using a noncovalent crosslinking mechanism. Large proteins can be released from beads easily. Further noncovalent modification allows for bead labeling and functionalization with various compounds. High survival rates of embedded cells were achieved under standard cell culture conditions and after freezing the beads, demonstrating its suitability for encapsulating and conserving cells. Hydrogel beads as functional system have been realized by generating protein-producing microcarriers with embedded eGFP-secreting insect cells.
Journal Angewandte Chemie 54 (2015) S.3962-3966

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