Authors Ennen, F. ; Fenner, P. ; Boye, S. ; Lederer, A. ; Komber, H. ; Voit, B. ; Appelhans, D.
Title Sphere-like protein-glycopolymer nanostructures tailored by polyassociation
Date 01.01.2016
Number 46125
Abstract Key parameters allow a reproducible polyassociation between avidin and biotinylated glycopolymers in order to fabricate defined supramolecular nanostructures for future (bio)medical and biotechnological applications. Thus, the polymerization efficiency of biotinylated glycopolymers in the fabrication of biohybrid structures (BHS) was investigated with regard to the influence of (i) the degree of biotinylation of the dendritic glycoarchitectures, (ii) two biotin linkers, (iii) the dendritic scaffold (perfectly branched vs hyperbranched), and (iv) the ligand–receptor stoichiometry. The adjustment of all these parameters opens the way to fabricate defined sizes of the final biohybrid structures as a multifunctional platform ready for their use in different applications. Various analytical techniques, including purification of BHS, were used to gain fundamental insights into the structural properties of the resulting protein–glycopolymer BHS. Finally, the elucidation of pivotal conformational properties of isolated BHS with defined sizes by asymmetrical flow field flow fractionation study revealed that they mainly possess spherical-/star-like properties. From this study, the fundamental knowledge can be likely transferred to other assemblies formed by molecular recognition processes (e.g., adamantane-ß-cyclodextrin).
Publisher Biomacromolecules
Wikidata Q38936814
Citation Biomacromolecules 17 (2016) 32-45
Tags field-flow fractionation targeted drug-delivery guest interactions binding site in-situ avidin nanoparticles biotin hydrogels glycodendrimers

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