Authors Newland, B. ; Welzel, P. ; Newland, H. ; Renneberg, C. ; Kolar, P. ; Tsurkan, M. ; Rosser, A. ; Freudenberg, U. ; Werner, C.
Title Tackling cell transplantation anoikis: An injectable, shape memory cryogel microcarrier platform material for stem cell and neuronal cell growth
Date 14.10.2015
Number 45869
Abstract Highly macroporous semisynthetic cryogel microcarriers can be synthesized for culturing stem cells and neuronal type cells. Growth factors loaded to heparin-containing microcarriers show near zero-order release kinetics and cell-loaded microcarriers can be injected through a fine gauge cannula without negative effect on the cells. These carriers can be applied for cell transplantation applications.
Publisher Small
Citation Small 11 (2015) 5047-5053
Tags adherent matrix biomaterials heparin neurotrophin star-peg shape memory cryogels microcarriers

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