Authors Yang, Y. ; Qi, P. ; Ding, Y. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Yang, Z. ; Tu, Q. ; Xiong, K. ; Leng, Y. ; Huang, N.
Title A biocompatible and functional adhesive amine-rich coating based on dopamine polymerization
Date 13.10.2014
Number 44402
Abstract Amine groups physiologically play an important role in regulating the growth behavior of cells and they have technological advantages for the conjugation of biomolecules. In this work, we present a method to deposit a copolymerized coating of dopamine and hexamethylendiamine (HD) (PDAM/HD) rich in amine groups onto a target substrate. This method only consists of a simple dip-coating step of the substrate in an aqueous solution consisting of dopamine and HD. Using the technique of PDAM/HD coating, a high density of amine groups of about 30 nmol/cm2 was obtained on the target substrate surface. The PDAM/HD coating showed the high cross-linking degree that is robust to resist hydrolysis and swelling. As a vascular stent coating, the PDAM/HD presented good adhesion strength to the substrate and resistance to the deformation behavior of compression and expansion of a stent. Meanwhile, the PDAM/HD coating exhibited good biocompatibility and attenuated tissue response compared with 316L stainless steel (SS). The primary amine groups of the PDAM/HD coating could be used to effectively immobilize biomolecules containing carboxylic groups such as heparin. These dates suggested the promising potential of this PDAM/HD coating for the application in the surface modification of biomedical devices.
Publisher Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Citation Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (2014) 72-81

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