Authors A.A. Darinskii, A.I. Tupitsyna, T.M. Birshtein, M.G. Safyannikova, V. M. Amoskov and I. Emri
Title Microphase Separation in Brushes Capable of Liquid Crystal Ordering
Date 27.01.2003
Number 400
Abstract The behavior of an anisotropic polymer brush in a continuous medium with varying grafting density and anisotropic interaction parameter was studied by a method based on combining Brownian dynamics and mean-field algorithms. It was shown that, as in a brush with small values changes, stepwise phase transitions from the state of a conventional brush to the microphase-separated or fully liquid crystalline state (forward transition with an increase in ), as well as from the microphase-separated brush to the conventional brush (reverse transition with a decrease in ), take place. Hysteresis effects are displayed for these transitions. A comparison of the results obtained in terms of the continuum model and the model of walk on a simple cubic lattice showed that the transition scenarios are independent of the model selected and the quantitative differences in the transition characteristics are due to differences in entropic effects.
Publisher Polymer Science / Series A
Citation Polymer Science / Series A 45 (2003) 665-675

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