Authors Gutsch, D. ; Appelhans, D. ; Höbel, S. ; Voit, B. ; Aigner, A.
Title Biocompatibility and efficacy of oligomaltose-grafted low-molecular weight PEIs (OM-PEIs) for in vivo gene delivery
Date 31.10.2013
Number 39543
Abstract Polycationic polymers like poly(ethylene imine)s (PEIs) are extensively explored for the nonviral transfer of DNA or small RNAs (siRNAs). To enhance biocompatibility and alter pharmacokinetic properties, hyperbranched PEI was recently grafted with the nonligand oligosaccharides maltose or maltotriose at various degrees in a systematic study to yield (oligo-)maltose PEIs (OM-PEIs). In this paper, we investigate the in vivo biocompatibility and efficacy of a whole set of (OM-)PEIs and the corresponding (OM-)PEI-based DNA or siRNA complexes upon systemic (intravenous, i.v.) administration in mice. We determine the overall survival and animal welfare, hepatotoxicity, immune stimulation, erythrocyte aggregation, and the efficacy of DNA delivery in vivo. Higher-degree oligomaltose-grafting of PEI substantially decreases weight loss, abolishes lethality upon repeated treatment with the free polymers or with complexes, and abrogates hepatotoxicity, as determined by serum levels of liver enzymes. Immunostimulatory effects (TNF-a, IFN-·) and erythrocyte aggregation are mainly observed upon treatment with partially maltotriose-grafted PEI or PEI-based complexes and are largely abolished upon higher-degree grafting. In vivo transfection experiments in mice bearing subcutaneous (s.c.) tumor xenografts reveal a strong dependence of reporter gene expression in a given organ on the mode of complex administration (i.v. vs intraperitoneal injection) and the OM-PEI architecture, with high-level maltose-grafted PEI (PEI-(2-Mal)) being most efficient for DNA delivery. We conclude that distinct differences between different patterns of maltose- or maltotriose-grafting are observed with regard to both biocompatibility and in vivo efficacy and identify optimal oligomaltose-PEIs for therapeutic applications.
Publisher Molecular Pharmaceutics
Citation Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (2013) 4666-4675
Tags poly(ethylene imine) (pei) maltose grafting gene delivery sirna biocompatibility airway epithelial-cells targeted dna delivery polyethylenimine pei sirna delivery lactosylated polyethylenimine transfection efficiency biological-properties dendritic cells

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