Authors Müller, E. ; Ansorge, M. ; Werner, C. ; Pompe, T.
Title Mimicking the hematopoetic stem cell niche by biomaterials
Bio-inspired materials for biomedical engineering, Brennan, A.B. , Kirschner, C.M., ed.
Date 28.04.2014
Number 39083
Abstract This book covers the latest bio-inspired materials synthesis techniques and biomedical applications that are advancing the field of tissue engineering.  Bio-inspired concepts for biomedical engineering are at the forefront of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Scientists, engineers and physicians are working together to replicate the sophisticated hierarchical organization and adaptability found in nature and selected by evolution to recapitulate the cellular microenvironment.  This book demonstrates the dramatic clinical breakthroughs that have been made in engineering all four of the major tissue types and modulating the immune system.<br />Part I (Engineering Bio-inspired Material Microenvironments) covers Bio-inspired Presentation of Chemical Cues, Bio-inspired Presentation of Physical Cues, and Bio-inspired Integration of Natural Materials. <br />Part II (Bio-inspired Tissue Engineering) addresses tissue engineering in epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, connective tissue, and the immune system.<br /><br />Bio-inspired materials for biomedical engineering<br />ISBN 978-1-118-36936-4
Publisher Wiley
Citation Wiley (2014) Chapter 16, 309-326

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