Authors Werner, C.
Title Editorial - cell-instructive hydrogels to assemble in biofluids
Date 22.08.2013
Number 38884
Abstract Embedding cells in engineered polymer matrices, which mimic fundamental characteristics of naturally occurring extracellular microenvironments, is a key task in the rapidly progressing fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Importantly, cell-instructive matrix signals – including matrix-associated growth factors, ligands of cellular adhesion receptors, intrinsic viscoelastic properties and susceptibility for cell-driven reorganization – have to be presented in a spatiotemporally adjusted manner.<br /><br />For that purpose, the current practice in cell biology and biotechnology mostly relies on reconstituting non-covalently associating biopolymer meshworks (collagen fibrils, Matrigel). Although effective in numerous in vitro approaches to cell signaling, these<br />preparations are hardly compatible with safety requirements for medical applications and are often not suitable for the mechanistic investigation of particular exogenous signals.
Publisher eXPRESS Polymer Letters
Citation eXPRESS Polymer Letters 7 (2013) 805

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